Out-of-School Care Program: 6 to 12 years

The Fulton Out-of-School Care Program is licensed for 70 children in the following locations:

  • One room at Fulton Child Care Centre for children ages 5-12 years
  • One room at Hardisty School to Hardisty students ages 5 and up

Our weekly planning incorporates the children’s input and interests and supports the Learning Through Play philosophy, which encourages the children to explore the many learning centres throughout the rooms and move freely from area to area, choosing the activities they’d like to participate in. These areas include manipulative toys, house corner, blocks, dress-up area, art and craft area, tabletop toys, cooperative games, puzzles, water and sand tables, storytime, and an indoor gym.

All our rooms encourage active physical activity and play outdoors on a regular basis at the nearby playgrounds. The older room often coordinates sporting activities such as soccer, football, and hockey. During the school year when the children require full-day care, we include community field trips in our regular activities.

Our program promotes an environment that is considerate of others, is inclusive, and where a sense of social responsibility is nurtured. The staff in each room help the children solve problems in a positive manner and teach them to be responsible for their actions. They encourage and assist the children in self-guidance and promote each child’s self-esteem.