Day Care Program: 0 to 6 years

Infants | Toddlers | Two to Three Year Olds | Three to Four Year Olds | Four to Six Year Olds

The daycare (preschool) program encourages all aspects of your child’s development. We provide activities and experiences that promote independence, self-help skills, confidence and individuality. We also promote kindergarten readiness and various learning concepts as the children show interest.

Our rooms are well equipped and arranged in various learning centres. The children are free to move from area to area, choosing the activities in which they wish to participate.

Our large indoor gym has climbers, slides, mats, bikes and balance beams. Our facility has a large, fenced, outdoor development playground separated into three areas for various age groups. We also share large playing fields, tall trees, a spray park and two exciting playgrounds with neighbouring Fulton Place Community League.

All the children receive a nutritional breakfast, hot lunches and an afternoon snack prepared by our full-time cook.


Infant Room (0 to 20 months)

Your infant will be in a safe and comfortable environment designed to stimulate and amuse him or her at all levels of development. The infant program is flexible and accommodating to each child’s schedule and needs, with activities based on the children’s interests. During circle time, we sing songs and read age appropriate books with each other. When weather permits, we’ll go for walks around the block in triple strollers or play outside in our large play yard.

The large, bright playroom includes colourful mats, a story area, and an assortment of age appropriate toys.  We provide high chairs and cribs for the younger children and tables and cots for the older children.

Staff monitor and record each child’s sleeping, eating and toileting habits daily and encourage full communication between parents and staff. Two-way communication at this early age supports consistency for your child.

We welcome parent and family participation in our infant room and centre, so you are encouraged to drop in anytime and join in the fun!


Junior Toddler Room (18 months to 2 years)

Your little toddler is busy learning, approaching the world with curiosity and seeking a sense of belonging. Our toddler program encourages the children to build a community in an environment that supports learning together and caring for each other.

The toddlers eat meals at tables together and enjoy an open concept playroom with free play and weekly activities that promote exploration and learning. The children play daily in the outdoor playground, or on days when the weather doesn’t cooperate, they’ll play in our large indoor gym. During the summer, experiences such as a petting zoo and puppet shows are brought into the centre.

We support the junior toddlers in potty-training when they are ready and monitor and record each child’s daily progress to support two-way communication with parents.

The toddlers’ parents are always welcome to join in on their child’s play and are encouraged to drop in anytime!


Senior Toddlers (2 to 3 years)

At two and three, your child is busy learning and exercising his or her independence. Our room mimics the home environment; it is safe and warm, with plant life, family photos, a fish tank, and a large, comfy couch. We believe children construct their own knowledge through role-playing and experiences, so our responsive play environment enables the children to explore. For example, we provide a variety of building materials, such as blocks, real wood pieces, paint cans, and tools so our senior toddlers can practice being builders and creators.

As we plan our weekly indoor and outdoor activities, we engage the children and invite sharing of ideas. We encourage problem-solving and self-help skills daily to support the children in their growth and development. We continue the potty-training process and support in regular toileting.

Senior toddlers love to show their parents what they’ve been up to, so we encourage parents to come by and see what we’re up to!


Junior Preschool (3 to 4 years)

This is an exciting space that sparks imagination and a sense of adventure. A key feature is our tree house loft, a space where children can climb up and get a birds-eye-view of the world around them. We explore and discover our own capabilities and personalities through open-ended art experiences and dramatic play.

Peer interaction and problem-solving skills are continued in our room, and we encourage the children to verbalize their needs, requests, and concerns to support in their ongoing language development. To foster their growing independence, our junior preschoolers are empowered to serve themselves food, get themselves dressed and make choices about which activities they’d like to participate in as they move from area to area throughout the day. We spend time outdoors at the playground and in the community as weather permits.

We encourage parents to get in on the fun and stop by anytime!


Senior Preschool & Minor Leagues (4 to 6 years)

We have two bright and fun rooms for four- to six-year-olds, one entirely of preschool children and the other a mix of preschool and kindergarten children.

Our program supports the children in continuing to explore topics and activities that interest them and also to discover new things to learn. Our rooms each have a tree house loft, which is a fun way for the children to see the world from a higher vantage point. Both rooms offer the children numerous areas to keep them engaged and active:

  • House corner
  • Music centre with instruments
  • Craft, art, and colouring centre
  • Building area with blocks and lego
  • Light table/science area
  • Sand play
  • Miniature play (dinosaurs, dolls, cars, trains, animals, etc.)
  • Reading and listening corner with fish tank and nature elements
  • Puzzle and board game area

We often play outside in the neighbouring playgrounds and explore the community around us.