Community Playschool

We are very excited to provide this high-quality playschool program to any of the children in our community.

Our large playschool room encourages children to explore the many centres and move freely from area to area, choosing the activities in which they wish to participate. These areas include manipulative toys, house corner, blocks, dress-up area, tree house loft, art and craft area, tabletop toys, puzzles, water and sand tables, circle and storytime, indoor gym, and outdoor playgrounds.

The playschool teachers encourage and interact with the children, providing them with opportunities to verbalize their needs, requests and concerns and assist in positive peer interactions. For the children, this in an excellent opportunity to learn socialization skills that are essential for kindergarten.

Our friendly playschool teachers have formal post-secondary education in child development. Our priority is to ensure that your child’s needs are met while encouraging self-help and pre-kindergarten skill development. The teachers strive to provide an excellent program that reflects each child’s interests.

Each class is led by two teachers and is limited to 12 children. This community program does require parents to volunteer three times a year.

The playschool is open from 9 am to 11 am, Tuesday and Thursday, and is closed the same days as school closure days. Snacks are provided by the centre’s full-time cook.

Cost: $100 per month. Postdated cheques are required for the entire school year from September to June (10 months).

For more information: Please call 780-465-4383 and speak with Danuta (extension 24) or Monica (extension 22).