For many of us, working outside the home is a part of life.  There are many reasons for being apart from our families for so much time during the week, and all of them are valid. The next best thing to being able to spend more time with our children during the day, is helping to make the place they spend a lot of time… better.

There are many ways we contribute.

Parents help with building maintenance, lend professional expertise, work on committees, help organize things in the office, take home laundry, help us make connections in the community, work the fundraising casino once a year and guide Fulton directions as members of the board.

Fulton works with parents to find places for individual talents, skills and experiences (and yes, we all have them!). Grandparents sometimes lend a hand too.

Contribute to making the daycare environment at Fulton a safe, dynamic, inspiring and fun-filled place for your children. The passion and commitment of Fulton’s volunteer culture is part of the reason we’ve been a leading name in childcare in Edmonton for over 40 years. We can’t wait to welcome you to our family!

Parents wishing to become further involved, may want to consider joining the Centre’s Board of Directors or one of the Committees.