Our Philosophy

We believe that children are mighty learners who learn through play. Children flourish in environments that are rich with opportunities for social interaction, manipulation of materials, and exploration of nature. Children need extended time to play to co-construct knowledge through engagement with people, objects and places.

We view children as strong resourceful and capable learners. Each child’s learning unfolds in social relationships of everyday life and are influenced by each child’s family and social and cultural practices.

As educators we take time to make observations to be co-learners with children and appreciate their sense of wonder, excitement, and curiosity. We create responsive environments that are comfortable and homey – a “home away from home.”

Making Learning Visible

Fulton Child Care Association and Fulton After School Association implement Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework. “The framework is intended to awaken the image of a strong and capable child, a mighty learner and citizen.” We believe that each child’s learning is enhanced by the every day relationships they have with their peers, educators, families, and community.

Educators observe the children’s play and record their observations and become familiar with their dispositions to learn. In the framework it states “Everything that children do has meaning for them.” As the children become involved in the learning process, the educators often observe and record the unique learning that is taking place. These learning stories are then shared with parents. Educators also will record activities and experiences that enhance children’s learning.