Our Philosophy

At Fulton, we believe in a learning through play philosophy that focuses on the whole child and meets his or her social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. Our staff plan open-ended activities and experiences for the children, which allow them to have the opportunity to manipulate, create and problem solve for themselves at their own level of interest and comfort. Our program encourages independence, social interaction and creativity; enhances self-esteem; and stresses health, nutrition and safety.

Another important tenet of our philosophy is parental involvement. We maintain an open door policy and encourage parents to drop in anytime. Parents have numerous opportunities to become involved in the governance of the centre by becoming a member of the board of directors or one of its many committees.

Finally, we stress participation in the community by encouraging the children to explore the endless learning opportunities found within their own community. The children are exposed to these opportunities through neighbourhood walks and trips to various community attractions such as Hardisty Pool, the Sunshine Garden and Fulton Ravine.

Our Standards

Fulton Child Care Association and Fulton Afterschool Association (non including the Hardisty Room) are accredited by Alberta Association for the Accrediation of Early Learning and Care Services.

The preschool (daycare) program upholds 10 standards to ensure high quality programming, while the afterschool program adheres to 5 standards. These standards exceed licensing requirements and ensure high quality programming.

Provincial Accreditation

As an organization, we strive continually to enhance the quality of our program, and we are pleased that our preschool program successfully attained accreditation status as of October 13, 2005 and continues to be re-accredited. The Fulton afterschool program was accredited on February 1, 2010. The Hardisty K-9 School program is now accredited as well!

Accreditation is a voluntary process initiated by the Alberta government through which child care programs can demonstrate that they exceed the basic regulatory requirements and adhere to higher standards.