Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a program at Hardisty school?  Yes, we have an afterschool program at Hardisty K-9 School.

Are your programs accredited?  The day care and out-of-school programs are fully accredited.

How long is your waiting list?  It depends on the age group:

Infants and toddlers: 1-2 years

Three and four year olds: 1 year

Kinders: 6 months-1 year

Afterschool: 3-6 months

As spots become available we call the next person on our waiting list.

Do you bus children?  No, parents must arrange their own transportation.

Do you serve meals?  For the daycare we provide breakfast, lunch and snack. The afterschool programs provide breakfast (Fulton only) and an afternoon snack (Fulton and Hardisty). An optional hot lunch (additional fee) is available to Fulton afterschool children one day per week.

What times are meals served?  We serve breakfast from 7-9 am. We serve lunch from 11:00-11:30 depending on the age group. Afternoon snack is served at 2 pm (preschool) and 3:30 (afterschool).

My child has a food allergy – do you make food substitutions?  We will substitute meat or veggies, but for children with gluten, milk or egg allergies we require parents to bring in alternatives that fit with our menu.

Do you serve nuts or nut productsNo! We are a nut-free centre.   

How does nap work?  We encourage the younger preschool children to rest or sleep after lunch. Older pre-school children may have the option of napping or quiet play.

Who can pick up my child if I cannot?  You provide us with a list of alternative people who may pick up your child – we will check ID. If it is last minute you need to provide a signed note.

What do I do if my child is sick?  We cannot accept sick children or children with fevers. Children must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning.

Will you give my child medication if required?  We do administer medication, but require it to be in the original bottle, with the child’s name and dosage. Parents are required to fill out a medical form.

My child has allergies what do I need to do?  We keep a record of allergies in the child’s file including a Medical Alert Sheet. If your child may need emergency treatment (Epi-pen, antihistamines, inhaler, etc.) we require you to provide a doctor’s note and fill out medication forms.

Do you have daily outdoor time?  Yes, weather permitting the children may be outside twice a day. We have a large play yard for the toddlers and preschoolers and the infants also have a shaded play area. The older children enjoy the adjacent community playgrounds. On hot days we may visit the nearby community spray park.

Do you go outside in the winter time?  Yes, weather permitting.

Do you go on field trips?  We go on field trips during the months of July and August; older toddlers enjoy field trips once per month, while children aged 3-5 years have weekly field trips, and the afterschool children have twice weekly field trips. Infants do not go on field trips, but do go for walks around the block, weather permitting.

Do you have special events?  The children enjoy a music program every 2 weeks. In July and August we bring in special outreach programs and activities such as petting zoos, marine animals, court jesters, and jumpy castles.

Do parents have ways to connect with other parents?  We host a number of family functions such as muffin mornings and summer BBQs. The functions are posted on our perpetual calendar at the front entrance.


What if my infant needs 2 naps a day?  In the younger infant room we will start with the two naps and then slowly progress to one nap after lunch. Infant nap times vary greatly. Some only sleep for 30 minutes and many sleep for the entire two hours. If a child wakes early, the staff will take those children to the gym or on walks in the stroller (to allow the other children to sleep).

Do I need to bring in Homogenized milk?  We serve 2% milk and if parents want to have other milk served they must label it and bring it in.

Do you accept children with cloth diapers?  Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate cloth diapers – parents need to bring disposable diapers.

Will you give my child the breast milk I provide?  Yes, but please label the bottle with child’s name and that it is breast milk as the heating process is different for breast milk.

Should I wean my child before starting daycare?  To minimize stress and to avoid dehydration, we do recommend that children be comfortable drinking from a bottle.

If my child has not yet been introduced to table food what provisions do I need to make?  We request that you bring in powdered formula (or breast milk) and baby food. We will not give your child any foods you have not introduced at home.

What should I bring in for my infant? You may want to bring in your child’s favorite soft sleep toy or blanket. You also need to bring in diapers, diaper cream (if needed), a change of clothing, shoes, and outdoor clothes appropriate for the weather. We supply baby wipes and bedding.